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News: March 2001

Lithography teams up with liquid crystals

A traditional printing process could help cutting-edge liquid crystal technology

Single charge raises the current standard

The ability to control a single positive charge could improve our definition of the amp

Grand challenges for physics in the US

Experts identify the most pressing problems in physics today

Linear collider race gets serious

Competition hots up for the world's next major accelerator

First sighting of dark matter

Super-faint embers of stars could account for 'missing matter'

Neutrino messages from across the Universe

A 'neutrino telescope' should give us the clearest picture yet of events in deep space

Deepest ever picture of the universe reveals new quasar

Astronomers probing cosmic X-rays stumble upon a new astrophysical entity

Astronomers tune in to brown dwarf

Radio signals from a brown dwarf could shed light on these poorly understood objects

X marks the atom

X-ray 'camera' takes its first snapshot of a crystal lattice

Success for Irish physicist

John Hegarty outlines his plans for physics at Trinity

Physicists create first superconducting polymer

Plastic superconductor could pave the way for mass production

Cosmological model gets a boost

New measurements of cosmic microwaves reinforce the standard model

LED could signal silicon laser

A new LED could lead to a silicon-compatible light source

B factories go into overdrive

Experiments on B mesons yield puzzling early results