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News: July 2001

Positive ions pull together

Under certain conditions, the Coulomb force can pull charges together

Quantum pulses pinpoint position

Quantum effects could improve the accuracy of positioning systems

DIAMOND boss appointed

Director of the German synchrotron lab takes the helm at the new UK facility

Astronomy meets angels in a divine comedy

An astronomer who studies solar neutrinos shares a flat with two angels in this radio play

Fluid dynamics slips up

A long-held belief about liquid behaviour breaks down at small scales

Crystals could make super semiconductors

A novel material could allow physicists to modify semiconductors on the atomic scale

Tiny black hole lurks in neighbouring galaxy

Nearby galaxy M33 bucks the trend in giant black holes

Bose-Einstein condensation bursts out

An explosion in the 'fifth state of matter' gives insights into the quantum world

Latest superconductor has an iron constitution

Squeezed iron can conduct electrical current with no resistance

Optical clock is on the dot

Visible radiation is enlisted to create the world's most accurate clock

Superconductivity: boron goes it alone

Boron has unusual superconducting qualities under pressure

Moon-count rises on Saturn

Twelve new moons bring Saturn's satellite tally to 30

Relativity passes the pulsar test

A nearby pulsar permits the first observation of a key prediction of Einstein's theory

X-rays light up chemical reactions

The motion of oxygen molecules is revealed by ultra-short laser pulses

BaBar claims matter-antimatter first

Physicists detect a particle effect that could explain why there is more matter than antimatter

Antiproton weighs in

The best measurement yet is made of the mass of the proton's antimatter counterpart

High-energy and particle physics win prizes

The European Physical Society makes its annual awards

Single electrons flick the switch

A buckled carbon nanotube can act as a single-electron transistor

Atoms perform a quantum flip

Unlike billiard balls, atoms can suddenly reverse their momentum

Nikolai Basov 1922 - 2001

The pioneering Russian physicist whose work led to the invention of the laser dies at 78