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Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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News: September 2001

Collider costs shake CERN

European particle physics lab miscalculates the cost of its Large Hadron Collider

City air pollution becomes clear

The link between water absorption and light scattering in airborne particles is surprisingly complex

Excitons take charge of optoelectronics

A new way to control light-emitting particles could spark novel optoelectronic devices

Entanglement leaps to larger scales

The entanglement of two macroscopic objects could pave the way for 'quantum teleportation'

Electron laser packs a punch

A powerful ultraviolet laser is a step towards an X-ray laser that would have myriad scientific uses

British firms lag the world in R&D

The UK Department of Trade and Industry unveils its latest findings

Interference makes super-sensitive ruler

An optical-fibre interferometer could be a thousand times better than existing devices

Friction riddle is cracked

Scientists reveal the atomic origin of the familiar phenomenon

Fusion hitch could help heavy elements

Deeper understanding of fusion inhibition could help scientists to make heavyweight nuclei

Martin Rees wins cosmology prize

The Peter Gruber Foundation rewards the diverse achievements of the UK Astronomer Royal

Laser light diffracts electrons

The Kapitza-Dirac effect is spotted for the first time nearly 70 years after it was first predicted

The magnetic attraction of learning

A new study likens the classroom learning process to the alignment of spins in a magnet

Magic layer solves semiconductor snag

A technical hitch solves a long-standing problem in semiconductor growth

Experts reject Bush astronomy shake-up

NASA and the NSF could work more closely to integrate ground- and space-based astronomy

X marks the spot for our local black hole

Galactic X-rays pinpoint our local black hole 1500 times more accurately than earlier studies