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News: November 2002

Antiprotons probe hyperfine splitting

Physicists have used anti-protonic helium to investigate the magnetic properties of atoms.

Physics teaching comes down to earth

Teachers propose Earth Science contexts for physics in the classroom

Light powers artificial membrane

Researchers build an artificial photosynthetic membrane using light induced electron transfer

Magnets double up

Researchers make stronger magnets with self-assembly

Semiconductor lights up solar cells

Physicists in the US and Japan have discovered gaps in what we know about indium nitride

Imaging an infant brain

Scientists take the first 3-D images of a newborn baby’s brain using transmitted light measurements

Plasma accelerators take shape

Researchers use laser pulses in a jet of helium gas in a new approach to particle acceleration

Plutonium is also a superconductor

Physicists discover superconductivity in a plutonium-based compound

Sunspots come into focus

New solar telescope reveals details of sunspot structures

Power from terahertz beams

Researchers create highest ever terahertz beam by magnetically manipulating electrons inside a particle accelerator

Magnetic meteorites

Physicists find extraterrestrial magnetic carbon in a meteorite

Evidence for dark energy gets stronger

Astronomers produce new evidence using gravitational lenses

Easy escape for Martian meteorites

Smaller impacts than previously imagined can eject meteorites into interplanetary space

Nanowires within nanowires

Physicists make new layered nanowires

X-rays probe neutron stars

Astrophysicists have confirmed that neutron stars do not contain exotic matter

New director at ICTP

Katepalli Sreenivasan will lead the International Centre for Theoretical Physics

World record for silicon light-emission

Industrial breakthrough leads the way to integrated optical processing

Electronic devices based on single molecules

Researchers measure the conductance of a single hydrogen molecule