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News: February 2002

Micro-jets make designer droplets

Electrically tailored drops of liquid could aid drug delivery and food processing

Spacecraft join forces at Jupiter

Cassini-Huygens and Galileo probe the magnetic make-up of the giant planet

The physics of personal income

Condensed matter statistics shows that salary spread is a universal law

Prizes reward geophysics and optoelectronics

2002 Crafoord and Rank prizes recognize planetary science and fibre-optic technology

Crystals give clues to ancient cosmetics

X-ray diffraction reveals how Egyptians made their characteristic black eye make-up

Semiconductor laser makes broadband debut

Applications abound across the spectrum for ‘quantum cascade’ technique

Acoustics sound out strained steel

New device could monitor the condition of axles in trains and motor vehicles

Spider-Man spins a web of contacts

The complex network that links characters in Marvel comics is no joke

Molecules test electron dipole

New measurements of the electron’s charge distribution should lead to advances in particle physics

Triple jump lights up laser

‘Three-photon excitation’ could lead to advances in fibre optics, data storage and medical imaging

Supernova link to ancient extinction

Iron in the Earth’s crust gives clue to marine extinction two million years ago

Rare decay claim stirs controversy

Physicists divided over double-beta decay breakthrough

"Lasetron" could probe the nucleus

Pulses of radiation just zeptoseconds long could be generated with existing lasers

Scrunched sheets resist pressure

The relationship between a crumpled sheet and the force applied to it is surprisingly complex

Silica spheres make low-power laser

Compact new laser source could be used to probe the quantum nature of light

Nanotubes feel the heat

Carbon nanotubes make versatile nano-sized thermometers

New letters expose war-time secrets

Previously unseen letters by Niels Bohr reveal why Werner Heisenberg visited him in 1941

Max Perutz

Pioneer in protein crystallography dies at the age of 87

Sound waves size up sonoluminescence

A new technique could help to explain how some imploding bubbles emit light

The quantum afterburner

‘Extra energy’ from heat engine powers laser

New experiment to probe neutrino mass

Observations of a rare kind of beta decay could shed light on dark matter