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News: May 2002

Tantalizing evidence for molecular condensation

Physicists claim to have made a Bose-Einstein condensate of molecules

Odyssey finds evidence for ice on Mars

Gamma-ray and neutron studies reveal layers of hydrogen-rich soil

Astronomers tune in to youngest pulsar yet

Ultra-sensitive radio telescope picks up the faint signals from an 820-year-old pulsar

Europe unveils new plan for space science

European Space Agency launches its stripped-down ‘Cosmic Vision’ programme

Multi-talented material signals new devices

Carbon compound combines electronics, optics and magnetism for the first time

CBI zooms in on cosmic microwaves

The sharpest ever picture is taken of the cosmic microwave background

Molecular electronics claims called into question

Bell Labs investigates allegations that data were improperly manipulated

Crystals get in a twist

Physicists make Möbius strips from niobium selenide

"Nanotorus" nets giant magnetic moment

Ring-shaped nanotubes could be the latest nanostructures to have unusual properties

Jupiter clocks up eleven new moons

The gas giant now has more known satellites than any other planet

Condensates get longer lives

Perpetual Bose-Einstein condensates could make 'continuous’ atom lasers

Noisy signals strengthen human brainwaves

‘Stochastic resonance’ seen in the brain’s information processing area

Lights switch to organic LEDs

Lamps made from a new LED promise better efficiency than conventional light bulbs

Physicists get a taste of 'tetra-neutrons'

Four-neutron clusters could shed light on nuclear forces

Neutrino pioneer wins 2001 National Medal of Science

Physicists receive the highest US honour for lifetime achievement in science

Molecular machines get light battery

Light extracts mechanical work from a single molecule for the first time

Semiconductors plug terahertz gap

Scientists build a ‘quantum cascade’ laser that emits radiation at terahertz wavelengths

Doubt cast on "left-handed" materials

Physicists question the properties of materials with negative refractive indices

Small-scale radiation check for mobile phones

New technique could monitor absorption of radiation in ears and eyes

LCDs paint a bright future

Scientists take the first step towards ‘paintable’ liquid crystal displays

Silver surface boosts superconductivity

An inverse ‘proximity effect’ in superconductors is demonstrated for the first time