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News: December 2003

Highlights of the year

PhysicsWeb chooses its top ten stories of the year

A BRIL-I-NT new game for C-R-STMAS

Two nuclear physicists have invented their own word game

Magnetism on the move

The Peierls potential has been seen for the first time in a crystal

New doubts on dark energy

X-ray observations open up mystery about the nature of the universe

Another superconductor shows up

Japanese physicists have discovered a second pyrochlore superconductor

Radio waves tackle dehydration

New style wristwatch could measure body-water losses

Switching light on and off

Research on slow light has moved up a gear

Indium nitride springs a surprise

Absence of Schottky barrier could benefit applications

Radar reveals asteroid force

Astronomers have measured a non-gravitational acceleration in an asteroid

Solar activity reaches new high

Measurements of polar ice reveal Sun's history

Scientists bring light to sharpest focus

Researchers create the smallest spot size ever with radially-polarized light.