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News: November 2003

New look for the Doppler effect

Physicists have demonstrated the inverse Doppler effect

Plasma physicists move into medicine

Plasma-based approach could become “the surgery of the future”

EU backs France as ITER site

Spain loses out in race to host international fusion project

DNA self-assembles nanotube transistor

Researchers harness the properties of DNA to make electronic devices

Optical vortices show their true colours

Experiments confirm that dark light is made of different colours

Displays scoop Descartes prize

Two teams share this year's €1m Descartes prize

New look for micro fuel cells

Methanol makes a difference at the microscale

Condensates enter new era

Molecule breakthrough could lead to new understanding of superconductivity

Nanowires drop out of fluid research

Researchers make breakthrough discovery in the behaviour of bubbles and droplets

New particle turns up in Japan

The Belle experiment has discovered what might be yet another new meson

Nanotubes join the army

Carbon-based devices can be used to detect deadly gases

Data storage made easy

Memories could soon be made of plastic

Ups and downs for big projects

Mixed fortunes for physicists and astronomers in the US and Europe

Mesons violate Bell’s inequality

A fundamental aspect of quantum theory has been tested in a particle-physics experiment for the first time

Mixed messages from the edge of the solar system

Two groups analyzing data from the Voyager spacecraft cannot agree if it has passed the “termination shock”

NMR breakthrough for bone fracture

New non-invasive technique could help the elderly