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News: July 2003

Ytterbium joins the condensates

Japanese physicists have made a novel Bose-Einstein condensate with ytterbium atoms

Llewellyn Smith to lead UK fusion programme

Former CERN boss has been appointed director of the Culham laboratory

Superconductors could help Europe meet Kyoto target

Greater use of high-temperature superconductors could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Nanoactuator gets in a spin

Researchers make the first real actuator from carbon nanotubes

Why is the tropopause getting higher?

Atmospheric scientists pin increase on human-induced changes

Stars make an early entrance

Evidence of star formation seen in oldest object in the universe

VIRGO takes off

European gravitational-wave detector is officially opened

Particles win prizes

The European Physical Society recognizes QCD, large extra dimensions and more with its 2003 prizes for particle physics

Nanoparticles reinforce steel

Japanese researchers have discovered a new way to make stronger steel

Zealots put the spin into voting

Research into magnetic spins could provide insights into the way people vote in general elections

Nanoscale sensor approaches the quantum regime

Physicists use single-electron transistor to make most sensitive motion sensor ever

Rashid Sunyaev wins cosmology prize

Pioneering astrophysicist is recognized for work on X-ray astronomy and the cosmic background radiation

A new way to flip bits

Electric fields could be used to improve magnetic memories

Fast and slow light made easy

Superluminal light has been now been observed in a crystal at room temperature

Nanotubes make miniature gas sensors

US researchers have built a low-cost sensor with carbon nanotubes

Pressure builds on Pluto

Tiny planet holds big surprises

Super-fast microscope comes into focus

Physicists have developed a new ultrahigh-speed scanning optical microscope

Nuclear physicists confirm element 110 discovery

Berkeley plays it safe with element 110 after the scandal of element 118

Where did the Moon come from?

The Moon was created more than 4.5 billion years ago

Fermi gas atoms form supercool molecules

US physicists have made ultracold molecules in a Fermi gas for the first time

New look for nanowire devices

Researchers in Germany have made a mechanically robust nanowire transistor

Physicists discover particle with five quarks

Evidence for pentaquarks has been seen in experiments in Japan, Russia and the US