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News: September 2003

Hidden graphite atoms revealed

New atomic force microscope sees atoms that other microscopes cannot

Electronic paper reaches video speeds

New display technology moves closer

General relativity passes Cassini test

Einstein is still right

New look for ball lightning

Rydberg atoms may explain cohesion in ball lightning

Hollow fibre carries megawatt pulses

Optical physicists have made a photonic-band gap fibre that can transmit megawatt pulses

Nanowires line up for plastic electronics

Researchers have made cost-effective high-performance thin-film transistors using nanowires and nanoribbons

First light for one-atom laser

Novel device pushes laser physics to the limit

Silicon joins race to redefine the kilogram

A new measurement of the Avogadro constant could allow the unit of mass to be defined in terms of atomic and fundamental constants

Bose-Einstein condensates break temperature record

Physicists have cooled a gas of sodium atoms down to less than a nanokelvin

Carbon dating confirms origins of biblical tunnel

Geologists have used radiometric dating to confirm the age of a water tunnel mentioned in the Bible

Edward Teller dies

The “father of the H-bomb” died yesterday at the age of 95

Gold lights up biological cells

Biophysicists have developed a new optical technique to image proteins

Biomolecule behaves like a wave

Wave-particle duality has been seen in the largest objects yet

A new place to store toxic waste?

Certain types of low-permeability rocks could be used to contain dangerous waste

Entanglement goes macroscopic

The effects of quantum entanglement have been observed in the bulk properties of a material for the first time

Dark matter deficiency puts theory in the shade

A surprise shortfall of dark matter in elliptical galaxies challenges astronomers