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News: October 2004

Optical trap dates Egyptian water

Laser-based magneto-optical trap dates 500 000 year old Egyptian groundwater

Liquids double up

Two Japanese teams report evidence for liquid-liquid phase transitions

Sunspots hit new highs

Analysis of carbon-14 in tree rings sheds news light on the Sun

Mechanical memories take off

Nanodevices offer new possibilities for data storage

Silicon nanocrystals made easy

Plasma-based approach works for crystalline nanoparticles

Carbon goes ballistic

Ultrathin graphene layers display their electronic potential

Relativity passes latest test

Analysis of satellite data provides evidence for "frame dragging"

Magnetic sensors tackle viruses

Small changes in the Brownian motion of nanoparticles can be used to detect biomolecules

Superstructures add to superconducting mystery

Defects are in, stripes might be out

Earthquake shakes up gravity

Superconducting devices detect tiny changes caused by seismic event

Composite fibres light up

Novel optoelectronic fibres can be woven into "spectrometric fabric"

Fingerprint model makes an impression

Buckling instability in skin could explain where fingerprints come from

Nanodevices target viruses

Physicists explore new methods for virus detection

DNA imager dies

Maurice Wilkins, whose work led to the discovery of the structure of DNA, has died

Nanotubes shape up for spintronics

Researchers have shown that vanadium oxide nanotubes are magnetic at room temperature

Strong-force theorists scoop Nobel prize

Gross, Politzer and Wilczek share the physics prize for their work on quarks

Pionium atoms arrive en masse

CERN experiment creates large numbers of exotic pion-based atoms

Angular pits boost DVD storage

New optical method could store up to one terabyte of data on a single DVD