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News: March 2004

Superconducting diamond turns up in Russia

Boron-doped carbon could superconduct

Claustrophobics breathe sigh of relief at new MRI scanner

US physicists have created a new 'walk-in' MRI device

Ultrasound imaging goes supersonic

Sonic boom could lead to breakthrough in medial imaging

Rare kaon decay hints at new physics

Brookhaven experiment may have found more evidence for new physics beyond the Standard Model

Nano-foam makes magnetic debut

New form of carbon has the lowest density ever measured in a solid

Prizes reward cosmologists

Alan Guth and Andrei Linde share Gruber cosmology prize, while Templeton prize goes to George Ellis

Femtosecond lasers aid frequency standards

fs lasers could help in next-generation optical frequency standards

Mars Express finds water - official

Infrared instrument reports direct evidence for frozen water on the red planet

Charmed pentaquark appears at DESY

H1 experiments detects new particle with five quarks but ZEUS cannot see it

DNA detection made easy

Transistor approach can find genetic mutations

Single molecules pass doping test

A scanning tunnelling microscope has been used to dope single molecules with potassium atoms

Looking inside planets

Magnetic mysteries on Uranus and Neptune are explained

French researchers put pressure on the government

Over 2000 French scientists have quit their administrative roles

Carbon nanotubes go magnetic

Proximity effect could lead to applications

Bubble fusion makes controversial return

Has nuclear fusion been seen in a table-top experiment?

Making atoms cooler

Cavity increases laser cooling rate by a factor of five

Galaxy breaks distance record

Astronomers probe universe when it was just 3% of its present age