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News: July 2004

Lunar rock sheds new light on the Moon

Geologists have pinpointed the exact origin of a meteorite for the first time

DNA pioneer dies

Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the DNA double helix, has died aged 88

UK study calls for extra safety measures for nanotechnology

Additional safety testing for nanoparticles and nanotubes is needed

Table-top synchrotron defies convention

A controversial new type of radio transmitter could transform communications

Liquid separation goes electric

A new method to separate out liquids

Graphite magnets get ready for applications

South American physicists find a way to make carbon that is magnetic at room temperature

STM turns atoms into ions

Scanning tunnelling microscope adds and removes single electrons from individual gold adatoms

Fermi gas goes superfluid

First detection of pairing gap opens new window on exotic matter

Hawking loses black hole bet

Hawking's solution to the black hole information paradox has yet to convince his peers

Cancer detection made faster

Laser printing technology could help speed up the identification of cancerous cells

Negative refraction goes acoustic

Sounds waves follow light waves into materials with novel properties

Single spins come into view

Magnetic resonance gives atomic force microscopy an extra dimension

£1bn boost for UK science

Big rises in science spending over the next three years could set the tone for the next decade

Did cosmic rays cause ice ages?

Three physicists have challenged the standard model of glacial cycles and ice ages

Quantum well energizes nanocrystals

Scientists have transferred energy to nanocrystals from quantum wells without electrical contacts

Microscopy moves to 4D

X-ray device reveals new insights into metals

Old galaxies shed new light on young universe

Massive galaxies formed much earlier in the history of the universe than models predict

US team breaks power density record

Researchers create a focused laser spot with the highest intensity to date

New shift seen in cyclotrons

Result could have an impact on a range of precision experiments