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News: January 2005

Cosmologists win Crafoord award

Gunn, Peebles and Rees share $500,000 prize

Winters warm up

"Heat waves" can happen all through the year

Antiprotons galore

Researchers trap record numbers of antiparticles

Making porous semiconductors

Scientists have developed aerogels with novel properties

Mechanical ear makes its debut

Researchers make life-size model of the cochlea

Looking at electrons without touching

Atomic force microscopes can probe single-electron effects in quantum dots

Wolf prize goes to atomic physicist

Daniel Kleppner of MIT has won the 2005 Wolf prize

Devices controlled by thought move closer

New research could benefit people with strokes and spinal cord injuries

All change for stellar evolution

New values for the rate of formation of carbon-12 could force astrophysicists to revamp models of how stars form

Galaxy surveys put cosmology on sound footing

Astrophysicists have linked the large-scale structure of the universe to the early universe

Why stalactites are all similar

Computer model predicts how limestone structures grow in underground caves

X-ray satellite chalks up black hole first

Astronomers see material complete a full orbit around a supermassive black hole

Making microscopes go faster

New approach improves the time resolution of AFMs

Nanotubes respond to gas attacks

Collisions lead to changes in the electronic properties of single nanotubes

Nanowires form atomic switch

Quantum device could herald a new era of electronics

All-silicon laser makes its debut

Intel researchers report photonic first