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Artificial optical nanostructure outperforms butterfly wings

"Gyroid" photonic crystal could have a number of technological applications

Ultrasensitive magnetic-field sensor could be made from a wobbling compass needle

Tiny sliver of cobalt should undergo precession in weak magnetic fields, say physicists

Photons with half-integer angular momentum are the latest twist on light

Surprising effect occurs when light is confined to fewer than three dimensions

IceCube's search for sterile neutrinos draws a blank

Measurement at the South Pole rules out previous potential sightings of the hypothetical particles

Ultrafast light pulses drive quasiparticle collider

Femtosecond resolution of collision dynamics achieved

Plans for a laser-driven gamma-ray beam are unveiled by physicists

Simulations show how electrons zigzagging in a magnetic field could generate megaelectronvolt photons

Parallel-universe search focuses on neutrons

Particles could be in a superposition of different branes, say physicists

Elusive nuclear-clock transition spotted in thorium-229

Discovery could lead to much more precise frequency standards

Physicists discover new state of the water molecule

Hydrogen atoms smear out into rings when water is confined in tiny channels

Superconducting quantum-dot turnstile singles out electrons

Device could be used for quantum-metrology applications

New algorithm puts time-scrambled data into chronological order

Technique developed for molecular dynamics could be used in climate science and astronomy

Buckyball pioneer Harold Kroto dies at 76

Nobel-prize-winning chemist created ball-shaped molecules to better understand interstellar clouds

Laser spectroscopy determines sex of a chicken egg

New technique could improve animal welfare

Are wormholes or 'gravastars' mimicking gravitational-wave signals from black holes?

LIGO experiment could have detected signal from 'exotic' compact celestial object

Why quantum cryptography could be a one-way street

Physicists show asymmetry in nonlocality of quantum states