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Physics World magazine: July 2011 special issue

Download the July 2011 issue of Physics World, which looks at the science, history and applications of invisibility.

From Harry Potter cloaks to our childhood attempts to write with invisible ink, invisibility science is something that captures most people's imagination. But the quest for invisibility has made real progress in recent years – and is the inspiration for this special issue of Physics World.

Sidney Perkowitz takes you on a whistle-stop tour of invisibility throughout the ages – from its appearance in Greek mythology to camouflaging tanks on the battlefield – before coming up to date with a survey of recent scientific developments.

Enjoy a light-hearted look at the top possible applications of invisibility science in the company of Ulf Leohnardt: hold on to your hats for invisibility cloaks, perfect lenses and the ultimate in anti-wrinkle cream.

Wenshan Cai and Vladimir Shalaev then outline recent attempts to make real – albeit fairly primitive – invisibility cloaks before Martin McCall and Paul Kinsler end with something even more fantastic: the possibility of creating a cloak that works not just in space but in space–time. Perfect for the ultimate bank heist.

And don't miss all the other regulars: news and analysis, opinion, careers, lateral thoughts, reviews and more.

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