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Physics World magazine: July 2013 special issue

Physics World

Download the July 2013 issue of Physics World, which is a special issue devoted to the physics of cancer.

Physicists have made many valuable contributions over the years to the treatment, diagnosis and imaging of cancer using X-rays, magnetic fields, protons and other subatomic particles. But this special issue of Physics World instead focuses on a fledgling area of research in which physicists – and other physical scientists – are bringing an entirely new perspective to our understanding of cancer. They are trying to examine the physical parameters that control how cancer cells grow, evolve and spread around the body.

  • Find out why Paul Davies thinks cancer could be an ancient genetic program with roots in our multicellular past.
  • See if cancer cells be made to act normally simply by adjusting their electrical polarization.
  • Learn how rotation could play a role in making human breast cells turn malignant.
  • Explore why the tip of an atomic-force microscope can test the mechanical properties of cancer cells
  • Enjoy this month's Lateral Thought, which contains a poignant reflection on just why research into cancer is so important.

Don't forget that if you want to read Physics World each month, you can do so through our digital issue, which can be accessed online or via our Apple and Android apps, simply by becoming a member of the Institute of Physics. You can join the Institute of Physics as an IOPimember quickly and easily online by visiting the Institute's website. IOPimember includes an annual digital subscription to Physics World. This month's digital issue contains a series of special Physics World videos about using proton beams for cancer therapy.

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