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Physics World magazine: March 2012 special issue

Download the March 2012 issue of Physics World on "Physics and the Earth". This special issue of Physics World looks at how physicists are helping us to understand the Earth.

  • See how the latest advances in earthquake forecasting can give the odds that an earthquake above a certain size will occur within a given area and time.
  • Discover how "geoneutrinos" generated through radioactive decay within the Earth are providing a new technique for understanding our planet.
  • Find out how some researchers think that the movement of the Earth's plates could be linked to the rate of reversal of the Earth's magnetic field.
  • Examine progress in understanding the Earth's core – including the bizarre possibility that it may hide huge crystals of iron some 10 km long.
  • Learn more about the controversy over "fracking", which involves pumping sand and chemicals into shale deposits to release trapped natural gas.
  • Check out our interview with the head of the Deep Carbon Observatory who wants to find out what happens to carbon that gets subducted into the Earth's core.

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