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31 Aug15 Sep 2013
Corfu, Greece
George Zoupanos
Contact address
+30 210 772 3034
+30 210 772 3025


Corfu2013: 13th Hellenic School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity

This year the Corfu Summer Institute hosts during the corfu2013 meeting a series of events:

April 7 - 13, 2013: ATLAS HSG4 and Tau Workshop
Organizing Committee: E. Coniavitis, M. Flechl, S. Lai, S. Pranko, D. Varouchas, S. Xella
Topics: This is the second ATLAS workshop devoted to Higgs searches with tau leptons and tau lepton identification. The goal of the Workshop is to get together physics, trigger and combined performance groups active in ATLAS tau lepton physics, discuss recent progress in all areas and highlight areas where more ideas need to be developed in the coming future. Results on Higgs searches involving tau leptons and muons on full 2012 dataset will be presented, as well as trigger and offline reconstruction and identification performance during 2012 data taking.

August 31 - September 11, 2013: Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
Organizing Committee: F. del Aguila, I. Antoniadis, R. Barbieri, M. B. Gavela, W. Hollik, J. Kalinowski, R. Pittau, M.N. Rebelo, A. Ringwald, G. Rodrigo, S. Sarkar, E. Tsesmelis
Topics: Elecroweak Physics, QCD, Higgs, Flavour Physics, Neutrino Physics, SUSY and SUGRA, Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the LHC, Extra Dimensions, String Theory, Standard Cosmology, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, Gauge/Gravity Duality, LHC, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, CLIC, ILC, LHC upgrade.

September 8 - 15, 2013:Workshop on Noncommutative Field Theory and Gravity
Organizing Committee: P. Aschieri, D. Bahns, P. Bieliavsky, E. Floratos, H. Grosse, H. Kawai, O. Lechtenfeld, D. Lüst, A. Polychronakos, H. Steinacker, R.J. Szabo, G. Zoupanos
Topics: Noncommutative field theory and gravity. Relationships between noncommutative geometry and integrable systems, supersymmetric gauge theories, and particle phenomenology. Noncommutative geometry in string theory. Formal aspects of quantization, including higher bracket structures and membrane models. Matrix models. Tensor models and group field theory. Enumerative and arithmetic aspects of gauge theories, black holes, and string theory. Mini Courses: Noncommutative field theory, Aspects of quantization: Formal properties, higher structures and applications, Noncommutative geometry in string theory, Matrix models, Tensor models and group field theory