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49 Jun 2013
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Cheltenham Festivals
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United Kingdom
0844 880 8094


The Times Cheltenham Science Festival

This June, the world’s scientists, thinkers and writers will come together in Cheltenham to discuss cutting edge discoveries, probe provocative debates and run hands-on experiments and workshops. It is a six-day celebration of science, engineering and the arts, produced by Cheltenham Festivals and co-directed by Professors Mark Lythgoe and Kathy Sykes.

2013 festival highlights include:

• A trip through space with physicist and pulsar expert Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell. As a PhD student, Dame Jocelyn contributed to one of the most important pieces of work in 20th century astronomy - the discovery of pulsars. Comets will also be the focus for a panel of astronomers who hope to get a rare glimpse of comet C/2011 L4 as it passes close to earth

• Journalist Victoria Derbyshire, who will explore science journalism and how science is communicated to the public. She will particularly explore the portrayal of animal research with the help of a live link up to a mouse house

• Anatomy Live with Professor Alice Roberts: in a follow-up to last year’s popular Brain Scan Live event, the 2013 festival will feature a live full-body MRI scan, producing images in thin ‘slices’ to show bones and organs including the brain and heart

• Maurice Saatchi, who lost his wife to ovarian cancer and feels that she should have been given experimental drugs in an attempt to save her life; however, current laws don’t allow this and researchers could face prosecution if caught. He has launched a Private Members' Bill which he hopes will clarify the differences between responsible innovation and reckless experimentation. But is a distinction like that so easily made? Join Lord Saatchi and medical professionals in the debate

• The story behind the discovery of the structure of DNA with writer and historian Jenifer Glynn, author of ‘My Sister Rosalind Franklin’. Rosalind Franklin’s important work helped reveal the double-helix to the world but her contribution has been widely underestimated since her death from cancer at the age of 37. Jenifer will give her personal view of her older sister and her life

• A journey into some of the world’s most demanding medical environments with Dr. Kevin Fong; by exploring extremes of heat and cold , vacuum and altitude, and age and disease he will examine how highly-skilled medical professionals are developing new procedures and techniques to help their patients survive