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About this event

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2428 Jun 2013
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Registration deadline
Feb 28, 2013
Karsten Kruse, Len Pismen and Alexander Leshansky
Contact address
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
20 Clarkson Road
United Kingdom


Dynamics of Suspensions, Gels, Cells and Tissues

The workshop will cover recent experimental and theoretical developments in the field of active soft matter, including both biological and biomimetic applications, and ranging from self-propelled particles to active elastomers. The talks and discussions will elucidate unique features of complex dynamic phenomena in these media. This workshop will bring together experts in all the above fields, to compare and contrast the various them, to discuss topical and future problems and methods of their solution, and to explore possible applications.

Some sessions will be held jointly with the concurrent workshop on "Liquid crystal defects and their geometry, active and solid liquid crystals, and related systems".

Invited speakers will include:
Alexeev, A, (Georgia Institute of Technology), USA;
Aronson, I, (Argonne National Laboratory), USA;
Baer, M, (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)), Germany;
Balazs, AC, (University of Pittsburgh), USA;
Bausch, A, (Technische Universität München), Germany;
Brady, JF, (CALTECH (California Institute of Technology)), USA;
Chaté, H, (CEA/Saclay), France;
Crowdy, D, (Imperial College London), United Kingdom;
DeSimone, A, (SISSA), Italy;
Farge, E, (Institut Curie), France;
Feng, JJ, (University of British Columbia), Canada;
Goldstein, RE, (University of Cambridge), United Kingdom;
Golestanian, R, (University of Oxford), United Kingdom;
Graham, M, (University of Wisconsin-Madison), USA;
Keaveny, EE, (Imperial College London), United Kingdom;
Lipowsky, R, (Max-Planck-Institut für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung ), Germany;
MacKintosh, F, (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Netherlands;
Needleman, DJ, (Harvard University), USA;
Shraiman, B, (University of California, Santa Barbara), USA;
Spagnolie, S, (University of Wisconsin-Madison), USA;
Stark, H, (Technische Universität Berlin), Germany;
Subramanian, G, (Jawaharalal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research), India;
Toner, J, (University of Oregon), USA;
Truskinovsky, L, (École Polytechnique), France;
Yeomans, JM, (University of Oxford), United Kingdom;
Yoshinaga, N, (Tohoku University ), Japan;