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About this event

Web site
1620 Sep 2013
Dresden, Saxony, Germany
Registration deadline
Jun 15, 2013
Alexander Mirlin and Felix von Oppen
Contact address
MPI for the Physics of Complex
Nöthnitzer Str. 38


Topology and Nonequilibrium in Low-Dimensional Electronic Systems

Topological phenomena have emerged as a central theme in condensed matter
physics. With topological insulators and superconductors as well as
quantum Hall systems, a broad set of topological phases in electronic
systems are now accessible in the laboratory. Moreover, there exist close
relations with the Dirac fermion physics in graphene. At present, this
field is rapidly evolving both theoretically and experimentally. Central
research directions include edge and surface state transport, interaction
effects, classification of topological phases, realizations and
manifestations of Majorana fermions in condensed matter systems,
applications to topological quantum computation, topological phenomena in
driven systems, and the search for new materials with topological phases.

It is the goal of the proposed workshop to bring together the leading
experts in this field to discuss past progress and future perspectives.
The focus will be put on the fundamental physics exhibited by novel
systems and on emerging phenomena. The workshop will emphasize topological
phases which are under active experimental investigation and will involve
a balanced participation of theorists and experimentalists.