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Vacuum and cryogenics

Vacuum and cryogenics

Agilent vacuum technology: trusted answers

12 Aug 2020 Sponsored by Agilent Technologies

Bartly Carlson is a full-time trainer and applications engineer at Agilent Technologies. In this video, Carlson introduces Agilent’s transition from wet to dry vacuum technology – describing the advantages for customers in academia and industry. He introduces Agilent’s range of products and provides practical advice for reaching ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) pressures for a variety of applications.

Visit Agilent’s website to find out more about how their vacuum experts can help you. Or contact them directly at For more stories about creative technology solutions, you can also take a look at the Physics World Instruments and Vacuum Briefing.

This video was filmed in early 2020 before the coronavirus lockdowns in the US.


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