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Everyday science

Everyday science

Collecting the materials that give art colour, entangled in the space between art and physics

22 Mar 2019 Hamish Johnston


This week’s Red Folder has an arty theme. First up is a fascinating video from Tom Scott, who visits the Forbes Pigment Collection at the Harvard Art Museums in the US. It is a fact-filled tour of the many different paints and pigments that have been used by artist’s through the ages. Highlights include some interesting insights into how science is used to spot forgeries.

If you happen to be in north-eastern Sweden you might want to visit Umeå University, which is hosting an art exhibition called Entangle / Physics and the Artistic Imagination. The show is curated by Ariane Koek, who founded the Arts at CERN residency programme. Indeed, four of 14 the artists featured in the exhibition have done residencies at CERN.

You can read much more about the exhibition in “‘Entangle’ exhibit fuels imagination with physics”, which also has a selection of photographs of the objects on display.

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