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Medical physics

Medical physics

Comprehensive machine targeting and image quality QA with the QUASAR Penta-Guide system

15 Oct 2020 Sponsored by Modus QA

Available to watch now, Modus QA explores the Penta-Guide 2.0 software and why it is the preferred daily alignment tool

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The QUASAR™ Penta-Guide Phantom is recognized globally as the preferred tool for commissioning and daily testing of Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) systems. Modus QA is excited to reveal Penta-Guide 2.0 software, a comprehensive Daily QA solution that is free for all existing and new Penta-Guide users.

This webinar, presented by Rocco Flores, will highlight the advanced features of the Penta-Guide Phantom, review the efficient daily QA user workflow and reveal the advanced utility of the included Penta-Guide 2.0 software.

Rocco Flores MRT(T) is a product manager with Modus QA. He has worked at several clinics over 20+ years as a medical radiation therapist with a focus on treatment delivery, planning and research. Since joining Modus QA in 2019, Rocco is primarily involved in new product development and clinical application support.



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