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Instrumentation and measurement

Instrumentation and measurement

Combining elemental/chemical analysis: when micro-XRF meets Raman microscopy

14 Oct 2020 Sponsored by HORIBA Scientific

Available to watch now, HORIBA Scientific explores how elemental and molecular characterizations combined can help solve issues across many applications

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Combining elemental and molecular characterization enables better and faster research in many real-world applications. Applications such as pharmaceuticals, environment, or geochemistry can benefit from this complementarity of techniques. Micro-XRF provides elemental distribution on a large area without any compromise on sample preparation, while Raman microscopy can depict molecular heterogeneity in the same conditions.

In this webinar, Thibault Brulé and Jocelyne Marciano will demonstrate how the combination of these two unique techniques can fully characterize the organic and inorganic layout over samples such as tablets, rocks or pollutant particles on filter.

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Thibault Brulé is Raman application scientist at HORIBA France, working in the Demonstration Centre at the HORIBA Laboratory in Palaiseau. He is responsible for providing Raman spectroscopy applications support to key customers from various industries, as well as contributing to HORIBA’s application strategies. Prior to joining HORIBA in 2017, he conducted research on proteins in blood characterization based on dynamic surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. He then applied this technique to cell-secretion monitoring. Thibault holds a MSc from the University of Technologies of Troyes, completed his PhD at the University of Burgundy and followed on with a postdoc fellowship at the University of Montreal.

Jocelyne Marciano is application scientist at HORIBA France, working in the Demonstration Centre at the HORIBA Laboratory in Palaiseau. She is responsible for testing and demonstrating different types of elemental analysers (EMIA-EMGA, SLFA, MESA and XGT) that are part of the HORIBA Japan product portfolio. Prior to joining HORIBA in 2008, Jocelyne spent 17 years working for Saint-Gobain as a key specialist for glass products analysis. She has in-depth experience in X-ray fluorescence and gas analysers as well as in XPS, SEM-EDX and µ-probe.

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