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Vacuum and cryogenics

Vacuum and cryogenics

Cryogenics for Quantum Applications

10 Jan 2020 Sponsored by Leiden Cryogenics


Dr Ziad Melhem, is the Strategic Business Development Manager at Oxford Instruments NanoScience (OINS), managing OINS Strategic Business Development on Quantum, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and applications, Alliances, Collaborative R&D, strategic projects and consultancy projects. Ziad has over 30 years’ experience on product and business development activities in applied superconductivity, Low and High temperature superconducting (LTS & HTS) materials, and cryogenic and nanotechnology applications for scientific, medical, energy and industrial sectors. Ziad has successfully led the development of the world’s first 22.5T research magnet using LTS and HTS superconducting materials at 4.2 Kelvin. Recently, Ziad programme managed the successful completion of the new generation of high field wide bore superconducting magnets used as LTS outserts for >25 T superconducting magnets. Current responsibilities include managing OINS business development and collaborative projects on quantum and nanotechnology product development.

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