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Astronomy and space

Astronomy and space

Doing business in space

18 Jun 2018

In this month’s Physics World Stories podcast, Andrew Glester looks at some intriguing developments in the space industry. He is in conversation with Harvard University astrophysicist Martin Elvis about the prospects of asteroid mining moving from science fiction to reality.

Later in the podcast, Glester investigates how the UK space industry might be affected by Brexit – the UK’s imminent departure from the European Union. Lucy Berthoud from the Space Universities Network explains why it is so important for the UK government to get the right deal because of what is at stake in the space sector.

Finally, Glester takes a trip to Goonhilly Earth Station on the south-western tip of the UK. Goonhilly representative Kat Hickey explains why the site is such a unique place to do science and why she believes it should be chosen for the UK’s first spaceport.

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