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Particles and interactions

Particles and interactions

Exotic quark-matter plus 100 Second Science reaches a century

30 Aug 2018 James Dacey

In this episode of Physics World Weekly, Hamish Johnston is in conversation with the particle physicists Greig Cowan and Tim Gershon, authors of Tetraquarks and Pentaquarks. Published as part of the Physics World Discovery series, the free-to-read ebook explores the latest research on the exotic particles comprising four or five (and sometimes even more) quarks.

Later in the podcast, James Dacey celebrates the landmark of reaching 100 published videos in our 100 Second Science series. Launched in 2012, the series of explainer videos has covered the breadth of physics, from astronomy to quantum entanglement to antimatter, via Noah’s Ark, philosophy and physics education. Watch this site for more videos in the series soon.



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