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Martin Ryle’s vision of renewable energy, what twistronics could do for us, big-G remains elusive

06 Sep 2018 Hamish Johnston

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, Matin Durrani talks to James Dacey about the life of the Nobel-prize-winning astronomer Martin Ryle, who was also a visionary in the field of renewable energy. Ryle’s wide-ranging studies on energy were done in the 1970s, and Durrani explains why they are highly-relevant today.

The emerging field of “twistronics” is the subject of a lively discussion between Belle Dumé and Anna Demming. They explain why putting a twist on layers of graphene could lead to the development of new electronic and optical devices.

Later in this episode, Hamish Johnston explains why physicists have struggled for more than two centuries to measure the gravitational constant big-G. Also, he talks about a study that reveals how athletic training could allow humans to function on planets with gravity greater than Earth’s.


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