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Graphene standards, offshore wind and porpoises

19 Jul 2018 James Dacey

In this episode of Physics World Weekly, Anna Demming is in conversation with James Dacey about the “wonder material” graphene. Earlier in the week, Demming was at House of Commons in Westminster for the launch of the world’s first graphene characterisation service. Demming explains why it is so important to establish quality standards for graphene and other 2D materials.

Later in the podcast, Dacey speaks about the new short film he has co-produced for Physics World’s Sustainable Futures collection. It’s inspiration was a 2011 study that found that porpoises appear to be thriving in the vicinity of the Egmond Aan Zee windfarm in the North Sea. The film picks up the story in 2018, investigating why this porpoise paradise may now be under threat.

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