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How gravitational waves could reveal flaws in a black-hole theorem, satellites lead an agricultural revolution

25 Feb 2021 Hamish Johnston

The famous no-hair theorem says that black holes can only be defined in terms of three properties: mass, charge and spin. It has held up pretty well for about 50 years, but now some physicists are hoping to find evidence of violations of the theorem in gravitational waves from merging black holes. In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, Jamie Bamber and Katy Clough of the UK’s University of Oxford discuss the possibility of finding deviations from the theorem, and what they could tell us about physics beyond the Standard Model.

Earth imaging satellites provide a wide range of information about agriculture that is used by everyone from farmers to those who set food policies. In this episode Catherine Nakalembe of the University of Maryland in the US explains how satellite monitoring can help mitigate the effects of drought and other climate and land use variations.

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