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Integrated system offers new insights into molecular interactions

12 Jul 2018 Sponsored by LUMICKS

LUMICKS, a leading supplier of equipment for dynamic single-molecule analysis, has introduced a new instrument that combines high-resolution optical tweezers, confocal microscopy or STED nanoscopy, and an advanced microfluidics system. The company says that the C-Trap instrument is the first of its kind to bring these capabilities together in a truly integrated and correlated way, allowing scientists to visualize and manipulate molecular interactions in real time, with sub-picoNewton force resolution and sub-nanometer position resolution.

The video below shows a typical workflow of the C-Trap instrument, and how it can be used solutions for single-molecule research.

The C-Trap is able to sense the smallest molecular conformation changes, and the rarest and most transient molecular states. It can also be used to take measurements under physiological conditions and to investigate temperature-dependent interactions, and offers full automation and improved data management.

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