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Particle and nuclear

Particle and nuclear

Looking beyond the Standard Model in Liverpool

30 Aug 2013 Hamish Johnston
Liverpool physicist John Fry (right) gets ready for his close-up

By Hamish Johnston

Earlier this week the Physics World film crew was on Merseyside to document some of the exciting physics done in Liverpool and its environs. Our first stop was a meeting of the NA62 collaboration at the University of Liverpool that was organized by the particle physicist John Fry (above right with our cameraman David Hart).

The finishing touches are currently being put on the NA62 experiment, which will start up at CERN in Geneva next year. The international collaboration running the experiment will focus on making precise measurements of the decay of a charged kaon to a pion and two neutrinos. If all goes to plan, NA62 could find that the decay is not completely described by the Standard Model of particle physics, which could point towards new and exciting physics.

We filmed Fry – along with his CERN-based colleagues Augusto Ceccucci, Ferdinand Hahn and Giuseppe Ruggiero – as part of a video feature on NA62 that will appear on later this year.

While in Liverpool, we also recorded several videos for our 100 Second Science series on topics as varied as the importance of fundamental research and how to make pear-shape nuclei.

And to top it all off, we paid a visit to the Daresbury Laboratory on the opposite bank of the Mersey, where we filmed inside the SuperSTEM electron-microscope facility and the Cockcroft Institute.

So stay tuned for lots of great new physics videos!

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