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PTW: providing technological advancements in radiation dosimetry

21 Nov 2023 Sponsored by PTW

Rob Morrison introduces radiation dosimetry manufacturer PTW and presents its portfolio of innovative QA products

In this video filmed at the ASTRO 2023 conference in San Diego, Rob Morrison, managing director for PTW North America, talks about PTW – a family-owned radiation dosimetry manufacturing company supplying products from radiation detectors and electrometers to water phantoms and patient dosimetry systems.

With headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, and 11 PTW subsidiaries across the world, Morrison explains that PTW is always looking to develop new and innovative products to enable technological advancements in patient treatment.

He outlined some of PTW’s key products: the OCTAVIUS 4D 1600 SRS system, which enables true 3D SRS/SBRT plan QA; the modular RUBY phantom for end-to-end QA; the BEAMSCAN water phantom for legacy linacs and bore linacs, which saves time while retaining quality and accuracy. In addition, he continues, are the BEAMSCAN MR water phantoms used to commission MR linacs and finally the new VERIQA software for performing true Monte Carlo 3D dose calculations.

Morrison then introduces other members of the team, including Raj Narayanan, director of sales and Muthu Manavalan, director of physics, service and support.

Morrison ends by describing PTW’s goals to establish a fully rounded service group in the North American market where they can service all of their products with a short turn-around time within the regulatory framework demanded by the market.

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