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Pursuing a career in science communication, commercializing single-photon detectors

14 Jan 2021 Hamish Johnston

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast we hear from Shi En Kim, who is doing a PhD in molecular engineering at the University of Chicago. Kim is also a student contributor to Physics World and she explains that writing about a wide range of research in materials and nanoscience fits in with her penchant for interdisciplinary science – and has inspired her to consider a career in science communication.

Also in this week’s podcast is Sander Dorenbos, cofounder and chief executive of the Netherlands-based start-up company Single Quantum. He explains how demand for a single-photon detector that he developed for his PhD led to the creation of the company.

  • The Institute of Physics, which publishes Physics World, produces a podcast series called Looking Glasswhich explores how physics can help solve problems facing society. The podcast is hosted by journalist and author Angela Saini, who talks to thought leaders and innovators in fields including health inequality, climate change, cancel culture and artificial intelligence.

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