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Quantum computing

Quantum computing

Quantum software company tackles big computing challenges

26 Nov 2020 Hamish Johnston

“My mission is to demystify quantum computing,” says Ilyas Khan, who is founder and chief executive of Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) – a UK-based provider of software for quantum computers. Khan is our guest in this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, and he explains how CQC helps its clients use quantum computers to solve big problems in the design of pharmaceuticals, machine learning and cybersecurity.

Later in the programme, Physics World editors talk about what is new in physics this week, including how to make a Bose–Einstein condensate using perovskite excitons; a new way of tackling tumours using immunotherapy and a beam of carbon ions; and clever ways of using spin impurities as quantum bits.

This podcast is sponsored by Teledyne Princeton Instruments.

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