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Stars and solar physics

Stars and solar physics

Sounding out the Sun

14 May 2013 James Dacey

Every day, the Earth’s atmosphere is bombarded with charged particles that have been spat out by the Sun then carried across the solar system on the solar wind. A new artwork is attempting to capture the changing nature of space weather by converting satellite data of the solar wind into sounds

Helen White is in awe of the Sun

The “solar wind chime” is the work of Helen White, a designer with an interest in enhancing spaces by blending different media. In this interview, White talks to Physics World journalist James Dacey about her inspiration for the work and the challenges she has faced along the way.

 Solar noises

White has developed her solar wind chime in Bristol, UK, as part of a communicating science residency supported by IOP Publishing, which publishes Physics World.

A solar wind chime

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