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Welcome to the first Physics World Quantum Week

14 Jun 2021 Matin Durrani

From free-to-view webinars to podcasts, interviews, research updates and a quiz, there’s lots to enjoy in the inaugural Physics World Quantum Week, which runs on 14–18 June 2021

It’s an exciting time for anyone involved in quantum science and technology, with fields such as quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum cryptography all moving from a physicist’s dream to commercial reality.

So in the wake of last year’s hugely successful Quantum 2020 online conference, which was hosted by the Institute of Physics (IOP) and IOP Publishing, which publishes Physics World, we couldn’t resist following this up with what we’re dubbing Quantum Week.

Running on 14–18 June 2021, it showcases and celebrates some of the exciting work going on around the world in the burgeoning field of quantum science and technology. Here’s a rundown of what you can enjoy this week.

Quantum computational advantage and beyond” presented by Chao-Yang Lu (University of Science and Technology, China, 14 June)

“Tales of a not-quite-probability distribution” presented by Nicole Yunger Halpern (Harvard University, US, 15 June)

“Building quantum processors and networks atom by atom” presented by Hannes Bernien (University of Chicago, US, 15 June)

“Nitride quantum light sources” presented by Rachel Oliver (University of Cambridge, UK, 16 June)

“A roadmap for the quantum internet” presented by Tracy Northup and Harold Ollivier (University of Innsbruck, Austria, and INRIA, France, 17 June)

“A quantum future of computing” presented by Matthias Troyer (ETH Zürich, 18 June)

  • A curated selection of our in-depth quantum coverage including interviews with key figures from the quantum world, and features about everything from quantum theory to practical application of quantum technology
  • Two episodes of the Physics World Weekly podcast on 11 June and 18 June, as well as this month’s Physics World Stories podcast, will all have a quantum theme
  • More quantum research stories than ever, including a number from PhD students who are part of the newly formed Physics World student-contributor network in quantum physics.
  • A fun quiz created by staff at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in the UK.

And to keep the quantum theme going, we’re about to start up a new bi-monthly newsletter in quantum physics so you won’t miss any future Physics World quantum coverage. You can sign up to this newsletter now in your Physics World account. In the meantime, do enjoy Quantum Week!

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