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News: December 2006

The best of 2006

Monthly highlights from the year in physics

The quantum nose

Electron tunnelling could play an important role in how we smell

Stars meet a darker death

Supernovae not seen after long gamma-ray bursts

Tiny dip could point to cosmic-ray origins

Calculations help pin down GZK cut off

Cosmic structure explained without dark matter

Unorthodox gravitation theory provides alternative to general relativity

Sea-level rise could be greater than IPCC predictions, warns physicist

Latest analysis suggests one-metre rise likely by 2100

Water pores reveal age of paper

Neutron scattering illuminates degradation process

Creating monoenergetic electron beams on a tabletop

Colliding lasers produce MeV electron energies within millimetres

Magnets take the spin out of blood separation

Red and white blood cells have opposite attractions

Physicists peer into ultrashort laser pulses

Technique could help steer electrons with astonishing precision

Water flows on Mars

Martian rivulets gushed this decade

Optical clocks strike again

Strontium-based optical clock delivers strong and precise time signal

Ultrafast electron microscope makes movies

Structural transition followed with femtosecond accuracy

Binary star pulsates with high-energy gamma rays

Astronomers discover TeV particle accelerator in space

A sticky problem

Friction between lubricated surfaces defies intuition