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Learn about a new, unique THz-frequency probe arm option for cryogenic probe stations. The solution enables precise probing of millimetre-wave devices at 75–110 GHz or 140–220 GHz frequencies, allowing calibrated S-parameter and other high-frequency measurements to be performed as a function of low temperature and magnetic field.

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News: June 2006

From the present to the past

Stephen Hawking unveils radical new approach to understanding the universe

Holey germanium

A new technique to make porous germanium could lead to better solar cells

Sizing up nanotubes

Scientists have developed the first method to sort carbon nanotubes by size

LEDs target tumours

Portable scanner could be used for the early detection of breast cancer

LHC due for 2007 start

CERN releases collision schedule for its huge new collider

New names for Pluto's moons

Two small satellites have officially been christened Hydra and Nix

Chandra solves black hole mystery

Measurements reveal that black holes suck in matter magnetically as well as gravitationally

Single-electron counter breaks new record

Japanese physicists build most sensitive ammeter to date

Repulsion binds atoms

Physicists have created a new type of stable bound state made from two atoms that repel each other

Dry ice forms ultrahard glass

Carbon dioxide has been found to form an amorphous solid

New look for nanocomposites

Scientists have combined spider silk with biological silica to make an extremely strong nanomaterial

Theorists devise world's smallest fridge

Molecular-scale fridge would be powered by thermal fluctuations

Shaking causes aftershocks

An earthquake's shaking is directly responsible for its aftershocks, say researchers

Milky Way arms pinned down

Astronomers have made the most detailed map ever of our galaxy's overall shape

Neutrino pioneer dies

Pioneering physical chemist and physics Nobel laureate Ray Davis has passed away

A fresh look at glass

New experiments show glass to be surprisingly stable