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News: July 2006

Rydberg atom mirror makes its debut

Physicists are able to stop and reflect highly excited hydrogen atoms

A cool solution to waste disposal

Physicists announce a new way of speeding up radioactive decay

A sensitive approach to frescoes

Microwaves have been used to help save Renaissance wall-paintings

Superconducting wire breaks record

US company claims breakthrough with "second-generation" high-temperature superconducting wire

Laser could create dark-matter particles

Physicists plan experiment at Hamburg lab to look for axions

Organic transistors act as sensors

New nanotube transistor could operate as an ultrasensitive chemical detector

New look for graphene

Scientists have invented a graphene-polymer composite

Physicists solve pebble mystery

What shape is a pebble?

Towards frictionless nanomachines

Researchers find ways to cut friction at the nanoscale

Singing to the tune of sand

Physicist solves desert mystery

Shedding light on biomaterials

Scattering is responsible for guiding light in biological materials

Are you reading the news?

Physicists show that online news stories are out of date within a day and a half

Extinction gets synchronized

New study shows how populations of a species go extinct

Giant "starshade" could reveal new exoplanets

Blocking the light from a parent star with a plastic shield could let astronomers directly observe orbiting planets