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News: July 2007

'Seesaw' explains light dark-energy particles

Eight fields would interact to produce a single particle

Perfect lens could reverse Casimir force

"Quantum levitation" could reduce friction in tiny machines

Microscope unravels the intricacies of protein folding

New technique could help battle fatal diseases

Atoms swap spins

Quantum-computing gate made in optical lattice

Graphene oxide weaved into 'paper'

Properties can be tailored by altering chemistry

Artificial swimmers have no moving parts

Catalysis makes tiny objects swim

Tiny magnets help drugs reach the spot

Inhaled drugs could be delivered more efficiently

Supersolid saga continues

Simulation links quantum phase to crystal dislocations

Partnership to boost fuel-cell research

Top US and German research centres focus on portable and automotive fuel cells

Nanostructures help mosquitoes walk on water

Ribs and ridges make mosquito legs water repellent

Liquid jets bounce along

Plunging oil skims the surface

Dark-energy teams win cosmology prize

Perlmutter, Schmidt and colleagues honoured by Gruber Foundation

First "heat transistor" unveiled

Heat is moved one electron at a time

Steel balls make a splash in sand

Experiments illustrate the link between granular systems and fluids

Astronomers discover the power behind supernovae

Massive explosion is fuelled by nearby red giant

Water found on distant planet

Astronomers find first evidence for a water on a planet outside our solar system

US chooses site for underground lab

Gold mine will host new lab for neutrino physics and geoscience

Tiny organisms move microstructures

Bacteria act as "beasts of burden"

New limit placed on photon charge

Radio waves from distant galaxies confirm photon is neutral

Copper rods "swarm" like fish

Experimental demonstration of swarming could shed light on animal behavior

Magic cluster rules for hydrogen storage

Physicists predict "magic" ratios of atoms in clusters

Scuffed spheres rise to the top

Friction can reverse the reverse-Brazil-nut effect

Axions ruled out by PVLAS

New measurements fail to find mysterious particle

Icy stars reveal the secret of their patterns

Physicists venture onto thin ice

"Cosmic forgetfulness" shrouds time before the Big Bang

If there was a universe before the Big Bang, we may not be able to see all of it