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News: September 2007

A faster way to better quantum computers

Decoherence is measured in a jiffy

Microchip ‘bus’ links up quantum bits

Devices bring quantum computing on a chip one step closer

NASA’s Dawn rises with the Sun

Probe will investigate bodies in the main asteroid belt

Wolfgang Panofsky: 1919-2007

Particle physicist and SLAC founding director dies

Quantum spin Hall effect glimpsed in HgTe

Edge conduction seen in insulator

Gas-giant chaos will remain a mystery for now

Current observations not good enough to predict future orbits

Physicists discover new layer in Earth’s mantle

Layer marks the transition of spin states in iron

Single-photon microwave source fits on a chip

Device brings quantum communication one step closer

Sticky walls slow mixing

Baker's map stirs syrup

Electron microscope breaks half-Angstrom barrier

Combined TEM and STEM sets record

Selene blasts off for the Moon

Japan’s spacecraft will look into the moon’s origin and evolution

Experiment finds graphene's missing pi

Theory is correct after all

Stringy ‘filaments’ could have produced first stars

“Warm” dark matter gives a very different early universe formation

Matter-antimatter molecule makes its debut

Discovery could lead to "annihilation gamma-ray laser"

Earth could survive a red-giant Sun

Distant planet avoids a fiery death

Thundercloud "accelerator" fires gamma-ray beam

40-second pulse seen over the Sea of Japan

Lensless X-ray microscope fits in the lab

“High-harmonic generation” makes small lasers suitable

Ideal materials make for perfect invisibility

Slightest fault causes “significant” light scattering

Single-atom entanglement goes further

Entanglement over one metre could make quantum networks feasible

Sound causes colossal drop in resistance

Laser technique avoids "chicken and egg" problem

Dinosaur extinction linked to colliding asteroids

Computer models track fragments to Earth

Single-photon transistor plans unveiled

One photon can control another