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News: May 2008

Technique probes nanoscale magnetism

Magnetic and electronic structure of atomic layers revealed for first time

The secrets of random packing

Theory predicts the amount of wasted space in a box full of sand

Upper troposphere is warming after all, research shows

Wind data imply a 0.65 °C rise in temperature per decade since 1970

Terahertz laser source shines at room temperature

Light source opens up applications in biological imaging and security screening

Phoenix reveals Martian permafrost

NASA spacecraft touches down on the red planet after nine-month journey

New tests of the Copernican Principle proposed

Results could have implications for cosmic acceleration and dark energy

Spin states endure in quantum dot

New technique brings quantum computing a step closer

Astronomers watch as star dies

First time a type-Ib supernova is glimpsed in "real-time"

Gravity Probe B comes last in NASA review

Panel recommendation is to cut funding of mission by September

Looking for ET's neutrino beam

Might extraterrestrials be communicating via neutrinos?

BEC bubble could measure tiny forces

Ultracold atoms could make highly sensitive ‘spirit level’

Willis Lamb: 1913-2008

Nobel laureate’s precise measurements of the hydrogen spectrum laid the foundations for quantum electrodynamics

Information 'not lost' in black holes

The end may be in sight for the black hole "information paradox"

Einstein letter fetches record amount at auction

‘Private buyer with a passion for theoretical physics’ bids £170,000

Eccentric pulsar could be part of a threesome

Mysterious binary system defies explanation

'Polaritonics' forges ahead

Particles that are 'half-matter and half-light' could be used in optoelectronics devices

Shrimp see a polarized world

Biophysics experiment reveals how shrimp could find food and mates using circularly polarized light

Ozone could clean up biological-warfare agents

Acidifying water increases the lifetime of ozone so that it can be used for hours

Quantized conductance seen in graphene

Graphene nanodevices move a step closer

Neil Turok chosen to lead Perimeter Institute

Cambridge cosmologist says his switch to the Canadian centre is the "opportunity of a lifetime"

Nobel laureates petition Bush over funding shortfall

Twenty top physicists call for over $500m in 'emergency' cash to plug poor 2008 US science budget

Polar vortex replicated in a bucket

Researchers make triangular, square and other polygonal vortices appear in swirling water

Weiler to remain NASA science chief

Interim chief accepts permanent position and plans to continue hard-nosed approach to project overruns

Atom laser makes its first measurement

The ability to modify an atom-laser beam should open up avenues in quantum information

Prospect of US science debate wanes

ScienceDebate organizers “not optimistic” about a May debate

How lasers really work

Random lasers give up their secrets

"Pine tree" nanowires do the Eshelby twist

Unusual structures could back up 55-year-old theory of material defects

Auroral light is polarized after all

New measurements of the Northern Lights overturn 50 years of conventional wisdom