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News: November 2009

Quark-like confinement seen in the lab

Spinons in a solid behave like quarks

Physical forces at work in biocomposites

Study reveals how single crystals incorporate polymer strands

Snail shell spiral switched

Biophysicists change the chirality in developing snail embryos

Plasmas have healing powers

Low-temperature ions can sterilize hands and wounds

Spins spotted in room-temperature silicon

Physicists pass important milestone in spintronics

Skin cells ruffle to heal open wounds

Novel microscopy technique captures migrating skin cells

First neutrinos for Japanese lab

Tokai-to-Kamioka experiment will study neutrino oscillations

LHC speeds towards collisions

Beams circulated simultaneously at the LHC

Fish inspire wind farm configuration

Calculations show how a turbine can benefit from the wakes of its neighbours

Nanoparticles sink or swim in sewage

Neutron scattering could help make wastewater nanoparticle free

Binary systems share stardust

Rare glimpse of planet formation in binary star system

UK to pull out of Gemini Observatory

Funding is 'almost certain' to stop after 2012

Photo finish in race for strontium condensate

Isotope’s scattering length is ‘just right’

Holes block light in very thin films

Another strange twist found in the physics of holey materials

Quantum processor executes 160 different operations

Pair of trapped ions is first 'universal' quantum computer

Scientists spy on the first stages of crystal growth

Beginnings of crystallization observed for the first time

Distant stars shed light on the solar cycle

Are sustained solar minima the norm?

Isotope study puts a chill on ancient oceans

Early life may have formed in seas cooler than previously thought

APS rejects plea to alter stance on climate change

American Physical Society maintains view that human activities are causing global warming

X-ray diffraction microscopy peers into tiny cells

'Plunge-freezing' living cells could improve 3D imaging

Laser creates record-breaking protons

High-energy protons could yield compact source for cancer therapy

Vitaly Ginzburg: 1916–2009

Eminent Nobel-prize-winning Russian theorist dies on 8 November aged 93

Why blood cells move in slippers

Study might show why cells take on lopsided shape

'Universal' equation describes how materials behave at nanoscale

'No supercomputers involved', says physicist

Fundamental physics enters war on cancer

A dozen new US research centres receive cash to apply physics to oncology

Carbon swaddles baby neutron star

Nascent surface too hot for hydrogen

Lotus leaves shake off water

Vibrations maintain water-repellency in nature

High-temperature superconductor goes super thin

Experimentalists start to hone in on puzzling phenomenon