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News: January 2010

Lasers zap fusion doubts at NIF

First results at the National Ignition Facility delight researchers

Drop in warming linked to water vapour decrease

New study shows the importance of stratospheric water to climate change

Cyclone model forecasts more Katrina-like storms

Hurricanes less frequent but more intense with Atlantic warming, say researchers

Planetary physics shrunk into a lab as MIT pursues fusion

Levitating magnet confines plasmas in alternate path to fusion

Organic transistor mimics brain synapse

'NOMFET' does the work of seven conventional devices

Carbon-cycle feedback smaller, but still positive

Scientists closer to understanding key piece of climate-change puzzle

Helium sell-off risks future supply

Panel calls on the US to better control its reserve of helium gas

Russian science in a state of 'decline'

Report says country shows little sign of addressing its research problem

Net widens for funding of arXiv

Preprint server needs more cash to operate, say Cornell librarians

Plasmas are cool for dental disinfection

Futuristic alternative to the dreaded dentist's drill

Sun's appetite for dark matter may affect Earth's orbit

Will the Earth–Sun distance halve in several billion years?

Legendary oceanographer scoops Crafoord prize

Tide master Walter Munks awarded $550,000 for seminal geophysics research

Splashing stones drive supersonic flow

Break the sound barrier in your garden pond

Ions trapped by optical fields

New laser-trapping technique for charged particles opens door to advanced quantum simulations

Jostling balls reveal secrets of ultrathin films

Experiment with plastic colloidal spheres simulates epitaxial growth on the atomic scale

Bright colour-changing skins

Electronic paper technology created that can change colour without backlights

Quantum computer takes on quantum chemistry

Entangled photons put to work on hydrogen molecule

Fear grips Iranian academics

Assassination of physicist Masoud Alimohammadi heightens tensions in Tehran

Newton's idea spotted in reflected neutrons

Looking very closely at the reflections of neutron

Calculations point to massive quark stars

Exotic bodies might be easier to spot than previously thought

Electric fields control spin currents

New type of magnetoelectric coupling discovered

UK physicists warn of brain drain over funding freeze

Programme cuts could lead to "irreparable damage" to the county’s reputation

Supernovae put dark matter in the right place

Simulation reconciles cold dark matter and galaxy formation

Exoplanet's atmosphere is laid bare

Astronomers measure spectrum of exoplanet directly for the first time

Africa launches continent-wide physics society

The African Physical Society will support researchers and students across the region

Physicists put forward new vaccination strategy

Quantum mechanics suggests a little vaccine can go a long way

Pulsar bursts move 'faster than light'

Anomalous dispersion seen for the first time in space

E8 symmetry spotted in ultracold magnet

Neutron scattering confirms long-standing theoretical predictions

Supermassive black hole struggles to swallow Milky Way

Gaseous lobes overcome the might of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy

New pulsars could net gravitational waves

Rapid identification of new millisecond pulsars raises prospect of gravitational-wave discovery

Ancient Mars wetter than we thought

Researchers identify water channels on Mars resembling Siberian landscapes

Physicists catch sight of trembling particle

Quantum stimulation validates Schrödinger's 1930 prediction

Kepler unveils its first five exoplanets

Mission on track to find distant Earth