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News: June 2010

Radiation fears stalk stellar mission

Technical problems could hinder the satellite's ability to map a billion stars in the Milky Way

Edward Witten wins Newton medal

String theorist honoured for transforming physics

New accelerator to boost isotope production

Canadian facility should combat shortages of medical radioisotopes

Climate change sceptics are less 'credible' scientists, finds survey

Though researchers question the methods of the study

Scientists face trial over L'Aquila quake

Over 5000 researchers sign letter calling investigation 'unfounded'

Quantum dots for highly efficient solar cells

Current efficiency limits of 30% could be vastly improved by capturing 'hot electrons'

Nanotubes boost battery performance

Improving the effectiveness of electrodes

Quantum states controlled in silicon

‘Rydberg atoms’ could direct solid-state quantum computing

Exoplanet mass calculated directly

Measuring the mass of 'hot Jupiter' reveals an atmosphere in turmoil

Speedy star points to more massive Milky Way

Halo star races through our galaxy

Topological quintet bags Europhysics prize

Quantum spin-Hall pioneers honoured

Neutrino surprise emerges from MINOS

Antineutrinos and their antiparticles differ in mass

Condensate created in freefall

Experiment paves way for BECs in space

'Dark pulse laser' could improve telecoms

Physicists create brief pulses of darkness

Stretched molecule puts a new spin on electrons

Experiment could shed further light on quantum chemistry

Radioisotopes galore at RIKEN

45 new exotic nuclei discovered in just four days

AFM tip 'writes' graphene nanowires

New technique could make flexible electronic circuits

Sharks hunt via Lévy flights

Marine predators trawl the deep blue in predictable patterns

Bursting bubbles cascade on camera

Study could lead to better foams

Exoplanet caught on the move

Tracking the orbit of a gas giant

Players attack aerodynamics of the World Cup ball

UK researcher defends the 'roundest' ball ever

Does dark matter come in two types?

Multi-component theory could explain contradictory experiments

Spotting fake bank notes with butterfly colour

Structural colour of Papilio blumei recreated in the lab

Entangling photons with electricity

'Entangled' LED could help make quantum computer

Earth's random walk could jolt particle accelerators

Study confirms that the Earth's surface is moving at random

A liberal sprinkling of quantum dots

Technique for patterning graphane with quantum dots

Double celebration for neutrino lab

Gran Sasso detectors to fill in pieces of neutrino jigsaw

Quirky particles could explain universe's missing mass

New model of dark matter holds no place for WIMPs