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News: November 2011

Physicists put earthquakes under the microscope

Nanoscale study looks at how faults strengthen over time

Introducing the latest quasicrystal

Degenerate configuration is a first

Curiosity mission safely launches to Mars

Car-sized rover will test for signs of life

Tilting 'nanocups' double optical frequencies

Novel structures convert red light into blue

'Superbubble' generates cosmic rays

Fermi satellite data bring us closer to solving cosmic mystery

Super-resolution microscope coming to a lab near you

Max Planck Society to commercialize latest breakthrough

Digital contact lenses come into focus

Lens could serve as a biosensor or as an aid to the hearing impaired

Coherent Schrödinger's cat still confounds

Physicists find a new conundrum in an old paradox

Physics of writing is derived at last

Pen plays capillary tug-of-war with paper

LHC could shed light on superluminal neutrinos

Pair production should be seen in collider data

Was a giant planet ejected from our solar system?

"Sacrifice" stabilized remaining planets, say astronomers

Microscope probes living cells at the nanoscale

Tapping out the properties of squishy tissue

New tests support superluminal-neutrino claim

OPERA researchers reveal new measurements looking at pulse length

How to turn darkness into light

Physicists convert virtual photons into real ones

Geophysicists solve mystery of Antarctica's ice-bound mountains

Range bounced back after being worn down

Has 'new physics' been found at CERN?

LHCb sees direct CP violation in charm mesons

Tests begin at new Middle East synchrotron

Commissioning of accelerator component starts at facility in Jordan

Mars craft looks set to crash to Earth

Time is running out to save Russia's Phobos-Grunt mission

New 2D semiconductor could outperform silicon

Quantum membranes could improve transistors

Pristine relics of the Big Bang spotted

Two far-off gas clouds appear untouched by stars

Four-wheel nanocar takes to the road

Molecular motor fuelled by electron microscope

Russian mission to Mars fails

Engineers face race against time to fix problem

Plasmonic absorbers turn a corner

Nanostructures could improve solar cells

Cash hand-out to boost physics teachers

UK government launches £2m initiative to attract physics graduates into teaching

Norman Ramsey: 1915–2011

Atomic-clock pioneer dies aged 96

Laser puts a new spin on light

Ultrafast pulses could boost optical telecoms

Silicon carbide shows promise for quantum computing

Point defects could be exploited as qubits

Memristor memory could be used in wearable electronics

Device solves problem of "sneak paths"

Undulator brings ILC closer to reality

Positron source could be crucial to future particle colliders

LHC trials proton–lead collisions

Tests could lead to experimental programme in 2012

Pressure limits tumour growth

Mechanics helps to explain evolution of cancer