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Learn about the 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity, rapid measurement speed and simple operation in a system capable of characterizing a broad range of materials with unprecedented ease – particularly when performing FORC measurements or measuring low-moment materials.

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News: February 2011

Telescope team plans to track the whole sky

Astronomers are assembling a global network of terrestrial satellites

Physicists couple oscillating ions

Systems could be used as building blocks of quantum computers

Dots deliver full-colour display

Quantum dots could make colourful displays with unprecedented resolution

Will the LHC find supersymmetry?

Early null results concern some physicists

Uncertainty hits SESAME project

Middle East unrest puts funding in "jeopardy"

To solidify, just add water

Tiny amount of water can turn a liquid suspension into a gel

Researchers favoured in UK migration cap

British government reveals details of its new points-based work visa application

Marshall Stoneham: 1940–2011

Theoretical physicist and current president of the Institute of Physics has died

DNA puts a new spin on electrons

Discovery could reveal the role of spin in biological processes

Physicists create 'anti-laser'

Time-reversed lasing and near-perfect absorption

Metamaterial breaks refraction record

Array of metal structures has highest refractive index ever

Spinning black holes twist light

New test of relativity could help find black holes

Ultracold atoms could reveal the dark sector

Nobel laureate plans experiment to probe 'dark content of the vacuum'

New nanostructure combines memory and logic elements

Magnetic semiconductor could lead to new processing paradigm

Future of cosmology looks bright in a dark universe

What will astronomers observe in a trillion years?

Ultracold atoms race around laser circuit

Doughnut-shaped BEC is rotated by light

Molybdenite transistor is a first

Could 2D material rival graphene in future electronics?

Thermal Casimir force seen for the first time

Attraction is caused by thermal fluctuations

Sun captured in its full 360° glory

NASA's STEREO mission snaps front and back sides of the Sun

Physicists discover new quantum state of water

Behaviour of liquid on the smallest scales could be vital for life

Pure spin current created in graphene

Research bodes well for carbon-based spintronics

X-ray laser images single virus particles

New method 'outruns' radiation damage

Kepler spots six planets orbiting a star

NASA discovery could bring a giant leap for exoplanet research

North Atlantic strait at its warmest for 2000 years

Researchers warn it could spell 'drastic changes' for the Arctic region

Theorists turn to graphene for clues to Higgs

Symmetry-breaking in carbon sheets resembles electroweak split, say physicists